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Lightening the load of your logistics

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What do we do?

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Maritime Transport

The most popular form of transport covering over 80% of international cargo movement. Economically efficient, ideal for transporting large quantities of goods.


Air Transport

Standing at the top of the performance pyramid. Air transport is the best way to quickly transport goods from the other side of the world. Even in 24h.


Railway Transport

Thanks to evolving Asia-Europe land connection, an increasingly popular form of transport. Great alternative to sea freight that will save you up to 12 days waiting time.


Road Transport

Regardless whether you need the transport across the city or across the Europe. We will help you get your cargo safely delivered to your destination.


Who are we?

   We are a company born out of passion for performance,  built on a partnership approach and efficient execution. In relations with our partners, we focus on trust, understanding needs and constant search for the best available solutions in the spirit of cooperation.

   As professionals, we constantly seek to expand our horizons and persistently broaden our scope of competence to provide services at the highest possible level.

We are forwarding for your success

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ul. Jana Czeczota 31,

02-607 Warszawa

TIN: PL1182228553

REGON: 389887800

EORI: PL118222855300000


Tel: +48 516 466 363

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