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Swift Forwarding Services

We specialize in organizationcomprehensive international freight services, which includes transportssea, air, rail and road, supplemented withground service andrange of customs services. Our services are mainly aimed atsmall and medium-sized enterprises, but also large companies from the industryproduction and trade. Our clients are companies: e-commerce, automotive, producers and distributors of cosmetics, consumer electronics, clothing, components, semi-finished products and many more. 

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Our Mission

Focusing on clear communication, modern technologies, partnership-focused approach and efficient operation, we want to provide our customers with fast, reliable and effective logistics solutions that will help our customers run their businesses effectively and stress-free,

Our Vision

While working as forwarders, we try to overcome barriers, optimize every aspect of our business and deliver the services of the future, guided by the idea of co-creating a world in which supply chains run efficiently, effortlessly and predictably

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